Tips for Staying Active During the Winter

If the cold winter weather has got you down, you’re not alone. Some of your favorite activities may be difficult or even impossible this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Read on to discover some creative ways you can stay active even when the weather outside is frightful.

Take the Stairs 

If you have to give up your favorite outdoor activities for the winter, then you might want to look for ways to squeeze more exercise into your usual routine. As an example, taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator is a marvelous way to make your day more active. You don’t have to run up or down the stairs to get the benefit, although you can if you’re looking for something more challenging. Mix things up by taking two steps at a time or walking up and down a hallway before resuming your ascent.

Embrace the Snow

Snow is inevitable in some climates, so it may make sense to get out in it rather than avoid it. Several options are available. From snowshoeing to downhill skiing, any of these alternatives can help you stay active. Of course, they may also require that you buy or rent equipment, but if you really fall in love with cross-country skiing or another activity, it will be worth the investment.

Do Some Yard Work

Winter can be an ideal time for yard maintenance. You might rake leaves or shovel snow, depending on the weather in your neck of the woods. Even picking up fallen branches and pulling weeds are active pursuits that get you up off the couch and may even get your heart pumping.

Use an Indoor Pool

Swimming is a fantastic, no-impact exercise that almost anyone can do. If the outdoor pool at the local rec center is closed for winter, then locate an indoor pool where you can swim year round. Check to see if there’s a schedule of water aerobics classes, as these are fun and social as well as being a great workout.

Join a Sports League

Community sports leagues aren’t just for kids. You can get involved with sports like volleyball, basketball or indoor soccer. It’s a great way to stay active and make some new friends.

Get a Gym Membership

As much as you love exercising in the outdoors, you have to admit that it’s not always convenient. Several gyms feature inexpensive memberships that don’t break the bank, but still offer people access to a wide variety of exercise equipment. You might find that the gym is the best place for staying active in the winter and is a welcome complement to your activities during the rest of the year.

Don’t let the winter weather turn you into a couch potato. There are millions of things you can do to stay active during the cold season. Make an appointment for physical therapy to ensure that your body is ready to be active this winter.