Worker's Compensation

Successful recovery from a work injury is a group effort. We develop relationships not only with the injured worker, but also with their employer, their doctor and other health-care clinicians to ensure the best possible chance for a full recovery. Frequently, this means that the employee is able to return to their pre-injury position. Without a coordinated effort that involves our physical therapy services, it may never be possible for the worker to go back to their job. When a workplace injury leaves employees feeling like healing is impossible, we help them discover new hope.


We're also there for employers who are interested in building a safer workplace and preventing injuries before they happen. From injured workers to employers large and small, our physical therapists can handle a range of treatment and education services.

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

The road back to a pre-injury position is often difficult. When the first round of urgent medical care is complete, injured workers may be referred to a physical therapist. Some are reluctant, having never experienced physical therapy before. They worry that it will mean increased pain and discomfort.


We are aware that physical therapy is hard work. However, science has also demonstrated that movement can be a more powerful healing tool than many medications. We handle each case on an individual basis, taking the patient's particular conditions and comfort level into consideration. Using modalities like massage, ultrasound, manual therapy and hot and cold therapies, we ease new patients into the physical therapy process. Incorporating stretching and flexibility exercises comes next, and most people are enthusiastic about the positive results they experience. We get employees back to work in a shorter time than they thought was possible.

Employee Education and Training

We can provide any workplace with a comprehensive educational program that is designed to keep workers safe and ensure compliance with any state and federal safety regulations. A wide variety of training programs is available. One of the most popular involves workplace stretching. This informative class helps employees maintain musculoskeletal health by teaching various stretches that can be performed throughout the day. Our back injury prevention and lifting class is also a favorite. Many workplace injuries involve the spine, and these may be caused by using improper lifting techniques, repetitive motions or poor posture. We can help address all of these issues with this class. Other topics that we cover include making a more ergonomic workplace, the importance of taking micro breaks and the value of regular exercise for overall health and wellness. Any employer that wants to ensure worker well-being and lower health insurance costs will definitely want their employees to participate in classes taught by a physical therapist.

Ergonomic Assessment

The job description of many American workers requires them to spend several hours a day staring at a computer. They often do this hunched over, and without taking any sort of breaks. They sit in chairs that are too low with keyboards that are placed too high. It all adds up to numerous musculoskeletal injuries to the back, neck and shoulders.


If this situation accurately describes your workplace, then it's time to call us for an ergonomic assessment. When we make a workplace more ergonomic, we are suiting the environment to the person. The result is fewer injuries, better productivity and increased worker retention. Our ergonomic assessments are formal processes that can be conducted in any type of business. From banks to offices to factories, every workplace could be made more ergonomic to reduce the occurrence of stressors that often lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Implementation of more ergonomic equipment and surroundings can improve the bottom line for any company.

Neck and Back School

Injuries to the neck and back are among the most common in the workplace. Our educational presentation, which we call Neck and Back School, is aimed at preventing spinal injuries for workers in all industries. We cover topics like body mechanics and posture to help students understand how these factors affect their overall health. We also deal with nutrition, stress and the importance of regular exercise. Schedule a Neck and Back School session with our physical therapists today.

Male Repairman Suffering From Shoulder Pain Over White Background

Injury Prevention Through Work Risk Analysis

Regardless of the nature of a business, a work risk analysis is a fundamental requirement. That's because it is impossible for employers or workers to be aware of the dangers that their workplace poses if they have not been identified. Once those hazards have been exposed, it's possible to take steps to alleviate or eliminate them. The goal for all employers must be to eliminate as many dangers as is reasonably practical to not only protect themselves from liability, but also to ensure that no harm comes to their employees.


We can come to your place of business to conduct a work risk analysis for all positions. These means that we examine each work station systematically, using our knowledge and experience to determine what could go wrong in each place. Then, we strategize appropriate control measures to ensure that the chances of injury, damage or loss are minimized as much as possible. Thanks to our insights, countless workers and their employers have been saved from costly injuries.

Employee Medical Case Management

We try to do everything within our power to stop injuries from happening in the workplace. Nonetheless, on-the-job accidents sometimes occur. When they do, we believe that it is part of our responsibility to manage the individual worker's case so that they can get back to work in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. This benefits both employer and employee, and it's a process that we have perfected.


We believe that recovery from a workplace injury is a team effort. That's why we coordinate with medical care providers, the injured worker and their employer to get the job done right. This means overseeing and managing the process from beginning to end. We utilize sophisticated communication and our physical therapy expertise to help all interested parties win in the aftermath of a workplace injury.