The purpose of Physical Therapy is to remediate impairments, improve motor performance, and functional limitations to improve participation and quality of life. Interventions are individualized, based on the skilled and purposeful interaction between the child, family, and therapist. The Physical Therapist will select and administer Tests and Measures and through the process of clinical reasoning will establish a plan of care and determine best interventions that are evidence based.

The mission at Core-Kids Physical Therapy is to provide children, families and their community with quality, evidence-based, compassionate Physical Therapy that meets the specific needs of those we serve. We provide parent education and direct therapy to children, and are vested in establishing relationships and collaborating with a wide range of professionals in the community to provide the needs of the individual child. We are able to use a variety of frames of reference to guide interventions, improve outcomes and meet parent satisfaction by developing child-therapist rapport, utilizing a play-based approach and create just the right challenge for improving participation in all environments.