Stephanie Sarwal

Jen Hine really knows the human body and how it needs to heal. Her practice, Core Care, provides tons of individualized attention, personalized at-home workout routines as well as a warm and friendly professional atmosphere.

I came to Jen really disappointed with my previous PT practice. My inner wisdom told me that there was more that I could to do heal, and one of my neighbors recommended Core Care. Within a few days of my first session with Jen, I felt much better, and was able to do much more--around the house as well as athletically. This was due in large part, I think, to the fact that Jen treated my entire body, not just the isolated body part at issue. I love Jen's detailed knowledge of and enthusiasm for physical therapy, sports and wellness. Core care is a place where bodies thrive.


Janey Richards

I have been most impressed by Jennifer Hine and her staff at Core Care Therapy. In my mind the keys to good physical therapy are competence and compassion. Core Care has both of these plus a cheerful, welcoming manner which makes me glad to be there; the entire staff greets every patient by name. The exercises make sense to me and I am seeing results from those and from Jennifer's thorough hands-on massage therapy at the end of every session. Core Care is also an office which runs on time; I have never had to wait. No one wants to need physical therapy, but Core Care Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is the place to go when you need it.


Anne Moriarty

I just completed a physical therapy treatment course here at Core Care. My experience was fabulous in every aspect. Dr. Jennifer Hine is knowledgeable, friendly and completely accessible. She has created a family feel in the PT office, with staff who mirror her professionalism, friendly attitude and attention to detail. The schedule was beautifully orchestrated so that waiting time was nearly non-existent for me. The staff uses technology efficiently (for treatment and for health records) and also gives full attention to the person in front of them. I benefited greatly from the humorous yet firm guidance on performing my exercises properly to experience the quickest return to full use of my knee. They were flexible with schedule adjustments and easily managed all of the insurance details, keeping me fully informed before and during treatment. And let's not forget the office mascot.

Above all, the personal connection and expertise made this experience very pleasant. I heartily recommend Core Care. Thank you so much, Clavin and the Jennifers!


Debbie T.

My experience at Core Care has been nothing less than exceptional. My therapy sessions always helped reduce my pain and further the healing process. My therapist knows the correct exercises that I need to improve, both in function as well as strength of the injured area.

All the therapists at Core Care are attentive and driven at their work. They are well trained, educated, and knowledgeable of the latest techniques and exercises, tailored to a patient's needs and abilities. They explain in detail what the exercises require from the patient and answer all questions from the patient.

I wouldn't go anywhere else. I find them professional, friendly and very knowledgeable.


Priya Parthasarathy DPM Podiatry Section Chief, Medstar Montgomery Medical Center

Jennifer Hine and her team at Core Care Physical Therapy always provide excellent patient care and obtain great results. She keeps me informed of my patients' progress and does not hesitate to call for clarification. Great communication is one of the many reasons why I continue to use Core Care Physical Therapy. I also receive substantial positive feedback from my patients' physical therapy experience. I would recommend this practice without reservation.


George Stephens

I first experienced Core Care after injuring my shoulder and being referred by my primary care physician. It was the best referral. The experience was great, the staff answered all of my questions thoroughly and were professional and personable. Subsequently I injured my knee and without hesitation went back to Core Care. Without missing a beat, they were again well prepared, treated my injury and were very interested in me and my healing process and not just going through the motions. I appreciate all the staff there and would recommend them without hesitation.


Scott Mackenzie

Jen Hine and her very capable staff at Core Care Physical Therapy and Wellness took care of my daughter during successive knee injuries and a lingering back spasm issue. The key word is care. Jen and her staff really care about their patients. You become their family. Core Care doesn’t just treat your injury; they address the causes. Jen and her staff assess the entire body, not just the injured part. It’s a holistic approach to physical therapy. It promotes wellness and education. You leave Core Care with the tools to enable wellness in the long run.

As a high school athlete, my daughter was very happy with Jen’s approach. Her body became stronger, her understanding of her body deepened, and her ability to compete at a higher level increased because of Core Care. We liked Jen’s approach so much that both my wife and I used Core Care for our own physical rehabilitation. For nearby student-athletes as well as weekend warriors and injured workers, I strongly recommend and trust Core Care, their friendly staff and Jen Hines' immense talents.